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Saving Money When You Buy SR22 Auto Insurance

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When you are racking up traffic tickets or found guilty of offenses like DUI’s and DWI’s, the phrase SR22 auto insurance might get thrown around in the courtroom. This is essentially a penalty car insurance rate for those considered to be high risk drivers. While you might be allowed to continue driving, you will be doing so at a premium. If you want to know the latest info about newsmysterytechnologylifestylehealth and insurance please visit twoid.

You can expect to pay super premium rates for regular insurance policies, but that is to prove your financial responsibility to the courts. For those that show their financial responsibility by keeping continuous coverage, it should all be over in about three years. If you lapse on your policy without buying a new one, the state issuing the order will suspend your license.

When you are shopping for cheap SR22 insurance in your area or checking out sites like, it is important to understand the three types of coverage offered. Please note that you must meet the minimum coverage requirements by the state you are insured in. Moving to a non-SR22 state will not help you get out of your financial obligation.

  • car insurance
  • motorcycle insurance
  • non-owner insurance

Should You Forgo Insurance Coverage And Decide Not To Drive?

When it comes to saving money, you might think the wisest approach is to skip auto insurance coverage altogether. This might hurt you if you want to buy a car later, because care insurance companies want people with a history of insurance coverage. Continuous coverage of non-owner insurance can transition into owner coverage when you are ready.

Non-owner coverage is specifically for those individuals who do not own, nor have regular access to a vehicle. If you only drive your friend’s car occasionally, this coverage works. Insurance companies watch for scams like title transfers to friends and using roommates cars. They will want to know who you are living with, and if they own a car.

If you are going to have regular access to a car or motorcycle, you should get the appropriate coverage. Take a deep breath, and remember this can all be over in three years.

Difficulty Finding SR22 Coverage?

A court order to carry SR22 coverage does not guarantee you coverage through any insurance company. Many insurance companies do not want to take carry drivers that they consider to be a high liability.

It is definitely worth it to shop around for the cheap insurance coverage, even with an SR22. There are still auto insurance providers out there who are willing to compete for your business. Remember to keep your current SR22 coverage until a new policy goes into effect to keep from violating your court order.

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