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The Unsolved Kill of Betsy Aardsma

Betsy Aardsma

Betsy Aardsma was brutally killed on the evening of November 28th, 1969. 22-year-old Betsy returned to Penn State early from Thanksgiving break to do investigate for an English paper. She strolled to the library around 4pm with her flat mate, Sharon. Once at the library, they went their isolated ways; Betsy headed to the storm cellar to the chief bibliographer’s office and after that went back up to the moment floor.


Amid Betsy’s time within the separated library stacks, she was wounded within the cleared out breast with “a hunting-style knife.” This punctured her pneumonic course and the proper ventricle of her heart. The executioner pulled the cut out of Betsy’s chest and strolled away. Betsy didn’t shout, and she had no cautious wounds. Either she knew her executioner or didn’t see the assault coming. A few agents accepted that Betsy was snatched from behind some time recently she was cut. She was not sexually ambushed. Specialists expressed that Betsy’s wound wound would’ve required noteworthy quality.

15-25 minutes after the assault, a understudy spotted Betsy among a heap of scattered books on the floor. First responders didn’t take note that Betsy had been wounded. Her ruddy dress camouflaged the blood from the wound. At to begin with, it was accepted that Betsy had nibbled her tongue amid a seizure. Once she arrived at the campus therapeutic middle, be that as it may, specialists taken note the one-inch wide, three-inch profound wound wound. It was decided that Betsy was dead inside 5-10 minutes of the assault. Betsy’s family and companions say that she was creative, lovely, shinning, gutsy, and compassionate. Her brutal kill has remained unsolved for decades.


Was Betsy slaughtered by a stranger?


Specialists evaluated that roughly 90 understudies were within the library at the time of Betsy’s kill. Due to it being the day after Thanksgiving, numerous understudies hadn’t returned to campus yet. Witnesses detailed seeing a man escaping the library right after Betsy was assaulted. They claimed that he was running but ceased to say, “Somebody way better offer assistance that girl.” This was the as it were lead agents had at the time. Individuals at the scene made a difference make a portray of this obscure male.


In Kill within the Stacks, David DeKok contends that Betsy’s case is eventually unsolved due to botches made at the wrongdoing scene. The campus watch didn’t secure the wrongdoing scene. As a result, understudies and staff sullied the range. A janitor indeed cleaned up pee found close the scene and moved prove around. When the police arrived, the wrongdoing scene was as of now compromised. Given all of this, it’s conceivable that an opportunistic killer spotted Betsy within the calm library, killed her, and fled. Be that as it may, I think that typically an impossible situation.


Was Betsy murdered by her boyfriend?


Betsy was fundamentally going to Penn State since she taken after her boyfriend, David L. Wright, to the zone. He was a pre-med understudy at the Penn State College of Pharmaceutical in Hershey at time of Betsy’s kill. David, presently a kidney pro, says that in spite of the fact that he and Betsy weren’t locked in, he likely would’ve given her an engagement ring amid the Christmas of 1969. The final time David claims he saw Betsy was on the evening of November 27th. After getting a charge out of a Thanksgiving supper with a bunch of restorative understudies, David drove Betsy to the transport station so that she may return to school to work on her English paper and he may handle his developing heap of school work.

Seeing as ladies are frequently murdered by their accomplice, it makes sense that David was a individual of intrigued in Betsy’s kill. David, in spite of the fact that, appeared truly troubled approximately her passing. David clarified, “I continuously ponder in the event that she had remained down that end of the week what would have happened.” He has continuously remorsefully pondered what kind of life they could’ve built together. After seriously cross examination and advertising a strong explanation, David was cleared by the police of any association in Betsy’s kill. I think that it’s greatly implausible that he had anything to do with her passing.


Was Betsy murdered by an charged child molester?


Nowadays, various rocker analysts and different individuals of the police think that the charged child molester Richard Haefner killed Betsy. Richard gone to Penn State at the same time as Betsy, lived within the same campus home, and was said to have a hot mood and act brutally towards ladies. He was examined various times for sexually attacking youthful boys. The story goes that either Betsy gotten to know Richard or that they went on a couple of dates. Either way, some time recently long Betsy ceased seeing Richard and told her family and companions that he was startling. The hypothesis goes that he felt abandoned and slaughtered Betsy.


Richard was said to have gone to his scholastic advisor exceptionally before long after Betsy’s kill. He was amazingly disturbed around Betsy’s passing some time recently the kill was indeed detailed within the papers. For a few reason, his administrator held up seven a long time to report the visit. On best of this, college authorities fizzled to contact the state police with the information. Richard has continuously been a essential individual of intrigued in this case. Authorities accepted that there was a likeness between Richard and the unidentified man seen escaping the scene of the wrongdoing. Moreover, Richard’s relationship with Betsy and his savage inclinations pointed doubt his way. In any case, the police needed sufficient prove to charge him with Betsy’s kill. Too, with the defilement of the wrongdoing scene, there was small chance of finding physical prove connecting him to the wrongdoing.


Richard passed on of a heart assault in 2002. Tragically, I think that he likely got absent with kill. Indeed in spite of the fact that Richard’s dead, I’m holding out trust that he told somebody approximately his association which they’re courageous sufficient come forward.

Who do you think killed Betsy Aardsma?

Betsy’s case remains unsolved. Her kill frequents the police who worked the case and her remaining adored ones ought to be able to achieve at slightest a few sense of closure. No matter how much time has passed, Betsy merits justice. To learn more around this case, you ought to check out the Cold Case Kill Riddles podcast; it offers a minisode covering Betsy’s unsolved kill. It’s accessible on Apple Podcasts, Otto Radio, and likely wherever else you appreciate your genuine wrongdoing podcasts. Anyone with data almost Betsy’s kill ought to contact the Pennsylvania State Police at (717) 783-5599.



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