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Russian man 'trapped' on Chinese reality TV show finally voted out


Mr Vladislav Ivanov, who speaks fluent Mandarin and went by the stage name Lelush, in the running for nearly three months.

The reality TV trial of a Russian who joined a Chinese boy band appear by mischance -- and made it to the finals in spite of encouraging fans to vote him off -- has at last finished after about three months. Vladislav Ivanov, a 27-year-old from Vladivostok, was kicked out of the Create Camp 2021 on Saturday, after watchers disregarded his supplications to take off and supported him all the way to the ultimate. Ivanov, who talks familiar Mandarin, initially joined the appear as a Chinese teacher. But he said he was welcomed to sign on as a hopeful after the executives taken note his great looks. "They asked if I'd like to undertake a unused life," Ivanov said amid the show. He showed up to lament his choice nearly quickly, but may not take off without breaching his contract. His need of excitement played out in half-hearted singing, rapping and moving nearby the other, more enthusiastic contenders.


Performing beneath the arrange title Lelush, he encouraged the open to vote him out, saying he did not need to be among the 11 champs of the appear, who are legally obliged to make a boy band. "Don't adore me, you'll get no comes about," he said on one scene. But watchers took to his dour persona and kept him within the running for about three months. Idol-training appears, a TV class starting in Korea that puts hundreds of trying youthful entertainers through thorough boot camps and group of onlookers votes, have ended up enormously prevalent in China.


In this one, hopefuls were corralled into dorm rooms on a tropical island in China's Hainan territory and had their phones seized for most of the season. Anyone who needed to break their contract and take off halfway through the season, which started in mid-February, had to pay a soak fine. While pundits have addressed the straightforwardness of the voting on icon appears, Ivanov shows up to have struck a honest to goodness chord as an anti-hero for Chinese gatherings of people. Fans, a few sincere and a few unexpected, named him "the foremost hopeless wage slave," and celebrated him as an symbol of "Sang culture," a well known concept among Chinese millennials alluding to a defeatist state of mind toward lifestyle . "Don't let him stopped," one watcher commented on a video of a dejected-looking Ivanov performing a Russian rap.


"Sisters, vote for him! Let him 996!" another fan commented, utilizing the Chinese slang for the tiring work plan that torments numerous youthful staff, particularly in advanced startups. The improbable star made it to the ultimate scene of the appear on Saturday where he fizzled to gain sufficient votes to connect the boy band. "I'm at last getting off work," a diminished Ivanov said Sunday on his Weibo account.

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