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In 1957, Jacqueline and Joanna were murdered in a car mishap. The another year they were "reincarnated".

In May 1957, within the little town of Hexham in Britain, 11-year-old Joanna Pollock and her more youthful sister, six-year-old Jacqueline, were on their way to church with their companion Anthony when they were struck by an sporadic driver. Almost immediately, the two youthful sisters were murdered. Anthony, fair nine a long time ancient, kicked the bucket whereas voyaging to the hospital. It was afterward found that the driver, a neighborhood lady who was beneath the impact of a number of drugs, had intentioned hit the three children after being persuasively isolated from her possess kids. The case afterward made features all through Britain, with the lady inevitably taken to a psychiatric healing center.


Taking after the passing of Joanna and Jacqueline, the girls' guardians, John and Florence Pollock, were crushed. But when Florence afterward fell pregnant, John got to be persuaded that the two young ladies would be renewed into the family as twins. The couple, who were ardent Catholics, frequently contended over the introduce of rebirth, with Florence unequivocally dismissing John's convictions. It was afterward detailed that the couple's whole marriage was indeed debilitated as a result, with Florence nearly recording for divorce. There was moreover no history of twins in either parent's family, and Florence's specialist had anticipated a single birth, meaning the probability of twins was moo.


Against all chances, be that as it may, Florence gave birth to twin young ladies on October 4, 1958. The twins were named Gillian and Jennifer. While the twins were indistinguishable, the combine had distinctive skin colorations, which is considered exceedingly unusual. Jennifer had a little pigmentation on her cleared out hip, which imitated a pigmentation that Jacqueline had. She too had a pigmentation on her brow, which was comparable to a little scar that Jacqueline had within the same spot.

Gillian And Jennifer Pollock


When the twins were three months ancient, the family migrated to Whitley Inlet, which is east of Hexham. As the young ladies got more seasoned, be that as it may, it got to be clear that Gillian and Jennifer appeared to keep in mind Hexham in detail, in spite of not developing up within the little town. When the family returned to Hexham when the young ladies were four, the twins pointed out and named points of interest they hadn't seen some time recently, such as the school Joanna and Jacqueline had gone to, the Hexham Nunnery, and a play area their expired sisters cherished. The combine indeed appeared to know the way to the play area without having ever seen it.


Moreover, the twins were too able to recognize their late sisters' toys by name. Although Florence had put away the late girls' toys out of locate, the twins begun to inquire for certain toys back. In truth, it was nearly as in the event that the twins recalled the toys as their own. They were able to title their toys by their names already given to them, and they indeed isolated the toys up precisely as their sisters did. They moreover alluded to the reality that the toys came from Santa Claus, which was true. Florence and John too taken note that the twins had exceptionally comparable identities when compared to their more seasoned sisters.

Whereas Joanna was exceptionally defensive of her more youthful sister Jacqueline, Gillian appeared more develop than her twin sister. Gillian, who was born 10 minutes some time recently Jennifer, too regularly looked after her twin, much like Joanna looked after Jacqueline. The guardians moreover famous that the twins indeed delighted in the same diversions and nourishments as their siblings. For the primary few a long time of the twins' life, Florence proceeded to dismiss John's proposals that the match had been "reincarnated". After finding the twins talking almost the car mishap, in any case, she changed her intellect.

On one event, Florence caught the young ladies playing a diversion where they reproduced their sisters' mishap. Gillian was supporting Jennifer's head, telling her: "The blood's coming out of your eyes. That's where the car hit you." On another event, Gillian pointed to Jennifer's pigmentation on her brow and told her, "That's the stamp Jennifer got when she fell on a bucket."


Interests, the twin young ladies too showed up to have a fear of cars. In their more youthful a long time, the twins experienced repeating bad dreams around being hit by a car. Gillian and Jennifer too frequently got to be startled and on edge whereas close cars. When a car begun its motor in an back street, John reviewed the young ladies snatching on to each other in fear, yelling: "The car is coming to induce us!" Shortly after the twins turned five, the recollections of their 'past lives' gradually started to blur absent as they went on to live typical lives.


Whereas the twins misplaced their recollections of the mischance completely, Gillian afterward reviewed encountering dreams of herself playing in a sandpit at a domestic in Whickham. Whereas Gillian had never been to Whickham, she was able to superbly portray the house and cultivate that coordinated the domestic that Joanna had once lived in with her guardians at four a long time old. While the case of the Pollock twins has long been cited as "confirmation" of rebirth, numerous individuals have contended that the twins' recollections may have been affected by their four more seasoned brothers.

Whereas John and Florence claim that they didn't talk to the twins approximately their perished sisters until they were more seasoned, it has been famous that the twins may have learnt approximately their story from their brothers.

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